In the Studio! (with Video)

Happy New Year!

I wanted to share this video of a recent studio session we had while working on the new album. This was early on in the process, in fact I think it may have been the first session the three of us got together to start playing and recording the songs (Mike Carnahan on bass, Tim Mooney engineering and playing drums). The beginning of recording is really exciting because it feels wide open. Like anything is possible. The rest of the process is exciting too but at the beginning, it's getting to know each other, interpreting the songs for the first time, improvising and finding a sound that sets the tone for the rest of the record.  

Before I start recording an album, I definitely have an idea of what I want the sound to be or what kind of instrumentation will complement the feel of the music. The challenging part is staying true to that direction while being open minded to the ideas or experimentations that can alter it. Those are the things that can ultimately make it better! It's a balancing act. This is a night session in the studio so video is a bit dark. The song we're working on is called In Between.

This is the video from the session...


Video Credit - Jesse Kipp

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