Akron Engine Album Release! 

Hello Everyone,

Great news!  You know the band I've been working with over the past year called Akron Engine?  Well, we're releasing our very first album, "Silhouettes," on Friday, November 30th!  

Earlier this year, we decided to record an album and wanted to take a fresh approach to the recording process.  We didn't go into a studio, we created one at a friend's home perched in the mountains of Woodside, CA overlooking Half Moon Bay (thank you, Darren!).  Check out a short video of the recording process

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To the Owl Mag... 

Thanks for the recent Hear This feature!




Team Go Ghana 

I hope this posting finds you well and gearing up for the Fall season.  I had a great trip back to Akron, Ohio at the end of September to support a great cause.  Team Go Ghana is the fundraising arm of a new non-profit organization started in Akron and focused on providing medical supplies and services, clothing and other support to the people of Kpandu, Ghana.  The organization is sending a small medical group to the area for three weeks in October to assess the most urgent needs of the people and treat…

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New Album - Royal Jelly 

I think it was back in October when I was speaking with two beekeepers about royal jelly.  It's literally a fluid secreted by worker bees and fed to all of the larvae of the colony.  When the worker bees are ready for a new queen they select several larvae to receive higher amounts of the substance contributing to their transformation into queens.  I found it to be an amazing and mysterious process.  Like magic.

At the time I was just getting into the recording process for the album.  We were cutting…

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Under the Covers (w/Video) 

The sun is coming out in San Francisco again.  It's been a long, wet month of March.  One particularly rainy night I was in Berkeley to play a show called "Under the Covers" hosted and organized by Kate Burkart (she played too!).  The show took place at the Berkeley Art House Gallery and Cultural Center and consisted of three Bay Area singer/songwriters covering the artist of their choice.  So, Kate Burkart covered Lucinda Williams, Melissa Phillips and James Deprato covered Tom Petty and I covered Neil…

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Please Stand By Interview and Performance 

Hey folks,

I stopped by the KPIG-FM (107.5FM) studio in Watsonville on Sunday for an interview and live performance on their Sunday morning show Please Stand By.  It was lots of fun meeting the good people of the station and we talked about all sorts of things (Lebron James leaving Akron, Midwest vs. California, the songwriting process, etc.).  I played a couple of songs off my last album Shadows & Gardens and one off my forthcoming release.  That night I played a show at the Asana Tea House in Santa…

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Tour Over, Not Forgotten (with Video) 

Hi there,

I'm back from the tour of the Southwest and feeling good to be in San Francisco again.  It's been a few weeks now but I'm still processing all the kind people, beautiful scenery and intense weather encountered on the two week run.  Although I had visited many of the places included in the schedule, I hadn't actually played music in any of them prior to the tour.  The shows were all completely different.  Some times there were full rooms and familiar faces.  Other times I was background music in…

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House Concert in San Francisco - January 22nd 

Hey gang,

I'm getting set to embark on a two week tour through Southern California and the Southwestern US at the end of the month (see my calendar for the dates!). Before I go, I'm playing a house concert in San Francisco. This will be the last show in SF before the Southwestern adventure. Joining me on the bill is my friend and fellow Bay Area singer/songwriter Rebecca Cross. She's fantastic and I think it'll be lots of fun. Here are the basic details:

  • Date: January 22nd, 2011 
  • Time: 7pm
  • With…
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In the Studio! (with Video) 

Happy New Year!

I wanted to share this video of a recent studio session we had while working on the new album. This was early on in the process, in fact I think it may have been the first session the three of us got together to start playing and recording the songs (Mike Carnahan on bass, Tim Mooney engineering and playing drums). The beginning of recording is really exciting because it feels wide open. Like anything is possible. The rest of the process is exciting too but at the beginning, it's…

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Welcome and Choosing Children 

Hello and welcome to my new blog! This is the place where I'll be regularly posting news and updates. Stop back often...

I'm just getting started on recording a new album. The first day in the studio was last week and it was a doozy! The first phase in the recording process for this album is recording the demo tracks, which is what we did on the first day. These are the songs that will potentially make it on the album but first they're recorded live usually on 1 or 2 takes and with just solo acoustic…

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