House Concert in San Francisco - January 22nd

Hey gang,

I'm getting set to embark on a two week tour through Southern California and the Southwestern US at the end of the month (see my calendar for the dates!). Before I go, I'm playing a house concert in San Francisco. This will be the last show in SF before the Southwestern adventure. Joining me on the bill is my friend and fellow Bay Area singer/songwriter Rebecca Cross. She's fantastic and I think it'll be lots of fun. Here are the basic details:

  • Date: January 22nd, 2011 
  • Time: 7pm
  • With: Rebecca Cross 
  • Cost: Suggested donation of $5 
  • To Attend:  RSVP to for house location!


House concerts are different than venue shows in many great ways. Anyone can host one since they're essentially a party with live music. It's typically a small donation from each attendee which goes completely to the artists. Most singer/songwriters start off playing in living rooms anyway so it's a very natural way to connect with people in an intimate setting. Many folks bring food and drinks to share with the others there. I love to play them! For more information on house concerts, this is an excellent resource:

That's all for now. Hope to see you soon!




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