Team Go Ghana

I hope this posting finds you well and gearing up for the Fall season.  I had a great trip back to Akron, Ohio at the end of September to support a great cause.  Team Go Ghana is the fundraising arm of a new non-profit organization started in Akron and focused on providing medical supplies and services, clothing and other support to the people of Kpandu, Ghana.  The organization is sending a small medical group to the area for three weeks in October to assess the most urgent needs of the people and treat patients for malaria, dehydration, snake bites, tetnus and a many other ailments.  Go Team Ghana will then be assisting Kpandu with the construction of medical facilities and implementation of other support systems that will assist the people in living safer, healthier lives.


The send-off party for the trip was Saturday night (September 24th) at Ken Stewart's Lodge in Akron, Ohio.  Although I won't be going to Ghana with the team, the organization invited me to play music for the event.  A true honor to say the least...and in my hometown to boot!  This organization is doing some inspiring work and I encourage you to check them out.  They are getting ready to shoot a documentary in Ghana that will assist them in their fundraising practices and are planning several other events in the US in the next year.  Thought you should know!


With much love and gratitude,





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