Akron Engine Album Release!

Hello Everyone,

Great news!  You know the band I've been working with over the past year called Akron Engine?  Well, we're releasing our very first album, "Silhouettes," on Friday, November 30th!  

Earlier this year, we decided to record an album and wanted to take a fresh approach to the recording process.  We didn't go into a studio, we created one at a friend's home perched in the mountains of Woodside, CA overlooking Half Moon Bay (thank you, Darren!).  Check out a short video of the recording process here!

During our time at the mountain house, there was fog, wind and rain which made it easy for us to stay indoors and just focus on the music.  The result is a truly homegrown labor of love.  Mike Carnahan, our bass player, sound engineered and mixed the entire album.  Arron Creechly, our drummer, created the artwork for the album.  I wrote the songs.  And Sean Caffey, our pedal steel guitar player, is working on our webpage, so be on the lookout for that soon. 

Please come out and celebrate the launch of "Silhouettes."  Our album release party will be on Friday, November 30, 2012 at Amnesia in San Francisco.  Bring your friends and loved ones to help us spread the word.  Details are below.


If you do not live in the area or cannot make it to the show, you can still support us by buying our album, telling your friends about "Silhouettes" and liking us on Facebook.

A big thank you to everyone who made this album possible and supported us through the process. 


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